JO'M creates a Natural Hair Relaxer

Friday, September 18, 2015

JO'M COSMETICS a South African company that manufactures Natural/Organic
Skin and Hair Care Products  will launch  NATURAL HAIR RELAXER, a brand
new relaxer system that is derived from plant enzymes / proteins  and natural oils.

This ecofriendly product does not burn or cause scalp damage nor alter
the hair PH. It  gives the hair a bouncy, healthy and beautiful texture
that does not lie flat on scalp while adding volume.  

JO'M's patented NATURAL HAIR RELAXER keeps hair in its natural state
while it is relaxed/ straightened.

Special attributes of the product:

The JO'M NATURAL HAIR RELAXER enables hair to return to its original
state (virgin hair) after 5 weeks period and washing. It  only changes
the shape of the hair without affecting its strength  and the chemical
bonds responsible for hair growth. The relaxed / straightened  hair will
last  upto 5 weeks after application. This amazing product relaxes the
hair in  2hours and can also be left longer or over-nite without causing
 any damage or scalp irritation. It is also safe for kids and easy for
“do it yourself” at home. No gloves or masks needed to apply the

This wonderful innovative product comes at a time when black women around
the world ran out of options for safe hair relaxing.

Why was this worldwide sort-after product  invented  by JO'M COSMETICS?

It comes as no surprise from a company that has developed  the JO'M
AFRO HAIR SOFTENER, a patented natural product that softens african
black / coily hair  while making it manageable without relaxing the
structure. The HAIR SOFTENER was created in 2005 by the company Founder
& CEO, Johannah Moriti ( A Chemical Analyst) in her own kitchen with
small pocket change. It caters for women and children that had no other
options should they wish not to apply chemical relaxers on their hair
and to those who wanted to just keep a natural afro. It was just a
matter of time before JO'M  develops the world's overdue NATURAL HAIR

The ingredients  used in the relaxer product are from natural origin and certified.

JO'M NATURAL  HAIR RELAXER will retail for ZAR 109 – ZAR 150 from
18September 2015 at JOM Cosmetics online store worldwide. For more
information please visit

The Aftercare products for the JO'M  Relaxer includes JO'M Heat
Protection Oil (100ml) and JO'M daily Moisturiser (125ml) both derived
from 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Nigella Sativa Oil.

JO'M COSMETICS operates in Africa and Europe with its headquarters  in
South Africa and Barcelona (Spain). The company produces Natural
Cosmetic products including Skin Care, Hair Care and Color Cosmetics for
all ethnicities at affordable prices. It also obtained an EU ECOLABEL
licence from SPAIN since 2012.

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