Coconut Oil Organic 210ml

Coconut Oil Organic 210ml (Healthy substitute for Frying Oil & Margarine) 100% Natural - No Preservatives - No colorants - No additives - GM Free
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Organic virgin coconut oil is characterized by a delightful coconut taste and aroma

that is  perfect for a wide variety of recipes. It is very high in medium chain

fatty acids, especially lauric acid. It is Very stable at high temperatures,

organic virgin coconut oil is the perfect oil for baking and frying.


Dosage Instructions:

Ideal for baking and frying. solid at room temperature. can be used as

a natural spread substitute to margarine or butter. Great to add to

smoothies, shakes, yoghurtssalads and curries. use within 1year

of opening. To melt oil, place jar in warm water.



Coconut Oil (*Organic, Virgin)