Aloe Crystals 30g

Aloe Crystals 30g 100% Natural - No Preservatives - No colorants - No additives - GM Free
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Naturalis Wellness Aloe Crystals are
beneficial to our body because Aloe is
thought to have a chemical make up closer to
the chemical make up of humans than any
other plant. Aloe has the ability to restore the
digestive system and bring back vital
nutrients. Highly processed diets lacking
proper nutrients are often the cause of
intestinal problems.
It can help return the digestive system to its
optimum state, even after all the damage
done by an improper diet. It is also a natural

Dosage Instructions:

Adults: Take 1-2 crystals (size of match stick)
like a pill, drink with water or juice or honey.
Children Less than 12years : Take 1 crystal .
(Aloe has a very bitter taste, swallow quickly)


Aloe Ferox